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* Evolve Kill Bags - Extreme Soft Coolers *

  • $74.99

EVOLVE  Kill  Bags  are  the  highest  quality  insulated  fish  bags  you'll  find  ‐  PERIOD!  These  bags  are  manufactured with leak‐proof, heavy‐duty 18‐oz fiber‐laced reinforced skins, heat‐sealed construction and no  stitching  to  get  blood  soaked,  and  will  keep  your  boat  clean.  The  Heavy‐Duty  handles  can  be  used  to  hoist the bags to conserve deck space ‐ no more bulky coolers. The double‐layer of unique, one‐inch thick, hi‐tech foam insulation will keep fish cool longer than any other bag! The larger size bags include a drain with hose fitting for easy cleaning. Hand‐Made in the USA ‐ Limited Lifetime Warranty. Voted 2016 "Gear of the Year" for Insulated Fish Bags by Florida Sportfishing Magazine!

• Leak‐Proof Heat‐Sealed Construction on 3 Sides
• Heavy‐Duty Fiber‐Laced Reinforced Skins
• No Stitching Keeps Your Boat and Car Clean
• Heavy‐Duty Handles, Straps and YKK Zippers
• Save Space Compared to Bulky Hard Coolers
• Rolls Up for Easy Storage
• 1‐Inch Thick Hi‐Tech Double Foam Insulation
• Keeps Cool Longer Than Any Other Kill Bags
• Drain and Plug for Easy Cleaning (Larger Size Bags)
• Hand‐Made in USA, Limited Lifetime Warranty

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