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** Evolve DURO Rotomolded Coolers **

  • $139.95

Keeps Cold up to 10 Days!

The Evolve DURO series rotomold coolers have arrived! Extremely rugged design, allows ice to last up to 10 days! The 22 qt sells for $139.95 - which is $60 less than the comparable "Abominal Snow Man" cooler of the same size! Won't bend or bow in the sun like the "Australian" box coolers either! Just can't stop evolving!

* Seamless rotomolded construction for maximum strength and durability
* Sweat-free design, keeps clean, no mess
* Easily stores inside truck cab
* Great for camping in the outdoors
* Perfect for SUPs, kayaks and canoes
* Super strong easy-to-carry folding handle
* Flexi-latch easy to operate, strong enough to keep bears out
* Easy plug drains for quick clean-up
* Padlock security for locking your cooler
* Food grade materials safe for the family
* Freezer style seal keeps in the cold
* Reversible non-slip + easy-slide feet on all models except R22

5 Different Sizes: 22 / 45 / 65 / 85 / 120 Quarts

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