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Evolve C Series Carbon Polespears

Posted by Phillip Ko on

Evolve C Series Carbon Polespears, Ready for Action!

For beginners and professionals alike, Evolve Carbon Polespears can be customized to suit your needs. Available in 6 sizes, 9.5' Carbon C9, 8.5' Carbon C8, 7.5' Carbon C7, 6.5' Carbon C6, 4' Lionfish Killa C4  and 3' Lionfish Killa C3. Choose from a selection of the traditional 3-prong, heavy duty 3-prong, single barb flopper spear, or slip-tip. Add a colored shrink grip or upgrade to a heavy duty band for further personalization! 

C Series Polespears are made of top-of-the-line Japanese carbon fiber and meticulously worked and weighted for optimal accuracy and penetration.  

Put one in your hands, and you'll discover why Evolve is a level above the competition!

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