The Evolve HYBRID series coolers and DURO series coolers have arrived!

First up is the┬ánew Evolve HYBRID coolers, there’s not a lot like this right now. HYBRID means this is halfway between a high-end rotomold cooler and the low-end box store special. Using the same injected foam as our rotomold coolers, the HYBRID is half the weight and half the price! 19 qt keeps ice for 3-5 days! It’s truly time to EVOLVE!

Next up is the Evolve DURO series which is rotomolded to provide an extremely rugged construction. Seamless design allows ice to last 7-10 days! The 22 qt sells for $139.95 – which is $60 less than the comparable “Abominal Snow Man” cooler of the same size! Won’t bend or bow in the sun like the “Australian” box coolers either! Just can’t stop evolving!